GeForce 9600 GT 512MB 6-Way Shootout review

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21 - Crysis performance


Gaming: Crysis - Single Player Demo

With mankind facing an alien cataclysm, your elite Delta force and North Korean forces combine, united by common humanity in a battle to save Earth. Graphically stunning, tactically challenging and always intensely immersive, Crysis sets player choice at the heart of its gameplay, with customizable tactical weaponry and adaptable armor allowing instant response to changing conditions. Judging from the downloadable demo, Crysis doesn't feel all that different from its predecessor, Far Cry. Both are set on an island. Both involve a latent (here in the demo, only briefly glimpsed) alien menace. Both bid you move more or less linearly through shaggy jungle areas, where the fact that you're progressing in a single direction is camouflaged by your ability to approach obstacles in your path any way you like. Think the "every time you play a situation yields radically different behaviors and results" approach in games like Rainbow Six Vegas or Gears of War except on more of a geographic scale.

Oh yeah, you probably want to hear about how it performs, right?

Medium Image Quality settings Image Quality setting: 0x Anti Aliasing 16x anisotropic filtering So we discarded the internal benchmark for Crysis as I felt that the in-game gameplay performance does not match up with a large fly-by at all. We took the beach scene and started using fraps to measure the actual framerate. As you can see, Crysis is a tough nut to crack for any graphics card. So we we test in two (in-game) settings, medium quality and high quality, we dropped very high quality as there's just no point to it really. 1280x1024 is playable with a GeForce 9600 GT which is pretty good. Let's look at the challenging cards. Pretty standard throughout the entire series. Expect the difference between the reference clocked cards and the fastest overclocked model to be roughly 5% to 10% throughout the review. This is due tot the low performance of the game. Meaning 10% performance increase out of 20 FPS is 22 FPS. Yet if a game would show 10% more performance out of 100 FPS than the results would be way more easy to show as that would result in 10 FPS on average more.   High Image Quality settings With High Image Quality settings up-to 1024x768 is playable ... yet barely and yeah, forget about Very high IQ. Nominal differences. We need way better GPU processing power. Below an example of how our IQ settings are configured.

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