GeForce 9600 GT 512MB 6-Way Shootout review

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19 - Call of Duty 4 performance


Gaming: Call of Duty 4

Activision recently released Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the next installment in the popular war game series. Moving away from the World War II setting, Modern Warfare instead centers around a conflict involving Russia and the Middle East. And hey, you even get to die ... and then continue the game in the past.

** Update 22-2-08: Page 19 COD4 benchmarks where showing improper results, due to a wrong template we used. This has been updated & fixed with proper numbers! Our apologies.

We kick-off with Call of Duty 4; before we dive into the benchmarks a little explanation.

Let's have a look and suit up in our best cloaking gear for COD4. For this benchmark we use disguise ourselves in the Ghillie suit, load up ACT II - All Ghillied up.

Wherever possible you'll notice two charts per tested game. The first chart will be the GeForce 9600 GT's baseline performance compared to competing graphics cards.

And since we test a good number of 9600 GT models & brands today from several board-partners the second (lower chart) will display pure GeForce 9600 GT performance among the competing brands. This is due to the nature of the standard reference based cards versus the board-partner selection in pre-qualified overclocks.

This particular "All Ghillied up" level I liked the most. Not just for gameplay, but also the intense and dense graphics utilized are breathtaking. Massive high-quality texturing, shaders and a serious amount of shadows, fog and debris are applied in this level to mask and hide as best as you can.

In the chart above you can observe how well the GeForce 9600 GT baseline (reference clocked model) is doing. Pretty snazzy; as you'll be able to play the game fine up-to a resolution of 1600x1200 with excellent image quality settings!

Image Quality setting:

  • 4x Anti Aliasing
  • 16x anisotropic filtering
  • All settings maxed out

Now let's have a peek how the competing board-partners are managing:

Mind you that if you stare yourself blind at 2-3 frames you'd be crazy. Each card was built with a certain goal in mind. For example; the SSC edition will be more expensive, the reference clocked models will offer a more competitive price, a passive cooler version goes for silence yet you'd have to forfeit a little on performance.

See the choice is not that obvious. But it certainly is good to have choices!

iw3sp-2007-12-02-14-45-01-4.jpgThe level where we measure and the image quality settings used

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