Enermax MaxRevo 1350W PSU review

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Sound levels (dBA)


Sound levels (dBA)

As usual we grabbed our dBA meter, enabled the PSU by hot-wiring it and started to listen to see if it made any significant noise. Short and simple, it's really silent.

The human hearing system has different sensitivities at different frequencies. This means that the perception of noise is not at all equal at every frequency. Noise with significant measured levels (in dB) at high or low frequencies will not be as annoying as it would be when its energy is concentrated in the middle frequencies. In other words, the measured noise levels in dB will not reflect the actual human perception of the loudness of the noise. That's why we measure the dBA level. A specific circuit is added to the sound level meter to correct its reading in regard to this concept. This reading is the noise level in dBA. The letter A is added to indicate the correction that was made in the measurement.

Bequiet Dark Power Pro 650 Watt PSU irst class edition(reference photo).

As always we measure 75 CM away from the product (usually the distance between you and a desktop computer), and yes... this test is always a tad subjective yet we measured 33~34 dBA and that's including surrounding noise levels, that's just perfect. Under full PC stress we can hardly measure the dBA level as all other components (fans/VGA/CPU/Chipset cooler) that make noise subjectively influence the results. The PSU is more silent than them.

But sure, in a normal PC, you will not be able to hear this PSU. All in all, very silent and thus highly recommended to any of the audiophiles that like silence (yours truly included). The RPM delta is pretty much very similar to the revolution series.

Enermax Revolution 85+ 1020W

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