Enermax MaxRevo 1350W PSU review

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Stability Testing the PSU


Stability Testing the PSU

So during our tests we also monitor the voltage fluctuations as shown below in both IDLE and LOAD states of the PC. We write down the lowest and highest value we see within a certain PC state. The difference is the fluctuation. If a PSU is unstable we'd see a lot of fluctuation, differences and discrepancies which can result in system instability.

Enermax MaxRevo 1350W

Once we gathered all results we can place them in an easy to understand chart. Look at the chart, the two lines show both the Idle and Load state of a specific voltage rail, the dark blue one the lowest voltage dip measured, the red one the highest fluctuation. That's your baseline.

So then, ATX specification requires that the PSU needs to stay within a 5% fluctuation; for example, each +12 Volt rail should remain between 11.4 - 12.6 Volts.

As you can see, the PSU when utilized stays consistent, meaning that the PSU is functioning within ATX specified limits. During the load test, I several times checked to see if the PSU was warm, it was lukewarm at all times even in a full stress test with roughly 1000 Watts power draw.

Good to know is that the fan RPM will remain relatively low, and as such so will the airflow noise level coming from it.

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