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Final Words & Conclusion


Final Words & Conclusion

So with our PSU reviews we are always the first to state that our review remains somewhat subjective. For a really proper review, we'd need to have capable load testing equipment worth multiple thousands of dollars. But you guys know and understand very well that we here at Guru3D know, understand and recognize quality when we test it, and just like its predecessor, the MaxRevo is among the best we have tested.

Test methods wise we say our test is valid, as it is precisely the kind of load you guys would apply to a PSU like this. Scientifically, however the tests are less precise and that's fair enough.

Enermax MaxRevo 1350W

Power efficiency. There are a couple of tests available on the web that tell us that this power supply is 89% efficient under a kilowatt load with a 87%~88% efficiency under full load, when you average out the results gathered. And that value is good enough. At lower power draw you are looking at 90~91% efficiency at 650W and roughly 90% efficiency at 400 Watt.

Now I've always been impressed with the quality that Enermax offers with their power supplies, the MaxRevo is again a downright great power supply. The MaxRevo 1.35 Kilowatt can even peak towards 1600 Watt and it would still not fail you, that is very extreme. The fun thing is, it remains completely silent while under stress and heat wise, well was getting lukewarm at best during our hour kilowatt stress test.

Now the discussion of whether or not you need a Kilowatt+ Power supply remains VERY trivial. If you really need one, well the MaxRevo will be something to consider alright. It won't be a cheap call to make though, 290 EUR was the lowest price I could find for the model tested today.

But if you need one, then you better make sure you invest in pure quality. My thesis never failed me in the past; I simply like to have reserves and not once did I run into a stability issue or got an overheated PSU just because I know the PSU will never be an issue (for me). I have this feeling with the PSU as tested today, it has plenty in reserve, a lot of it really and that definitely did show. Even with multiple multi-GPU graphics cards and added PhysX card on an overclocked system the PSU barely coughed silently at best. The unit remains 100% stable, silent and doesn't seem to break a sweat. And that's the kind of gear you like to have feeding your expensive components.

Have some reserve: this means you are not 100% stressing the PSU, this is better for lifespan. Do you guys remember the old Galaxy models from Enermax? Well, we still have them in use in some test systems. These things just do not die.

And guys, I am aiming towards the guys that really go extreme with hardware, obviously the MaxRevo series is not intended for mainstream.

The MaxRevo series is impressive and comes with a nice design, is very very stable, quiet, modular and let's not forget this is an efficient power supply rated at 88-94% efficient @ 20-100% load (depending on 110V/230V). More efficient PSUs will not only be a little greener to the environment, they also save you money on your power bill. My motto is simple, higher efficiency PSUs will pay themselves back in the long term, plain and simple.

So yet again there is very little negative to report on the MaxRevo PSUs, one subtle thingy I mentioned before, I would like to see Enermax move to completely black sleeved wiring and connectors, but that's purely for aesthetic value of course.

guru3d-toppick-150px.jpgAs stated the 2nd downside will be pricing. The PSU costs a little less than 300 Euros. Now these are MSRPs including VAT. But remember, if you are the true enthusiast with multiple-GPUs, a beefy processor and like to overclock a lot. Well that's the kind of people this is intended for, please see it as an investment that lasts years and over time starts making money due to the power you saved based on high-efficiency.

The Enermax MaxRevo series power supply's is simply put a good choice for the most beefy PCs now and in the future. If you are in the market for a product of this caliber and are willing to pay up the price for it, then heck .. why not? Enermax also backs the MaxRevo up with a five year warranty.

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