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The Verdict.

At this very moment there are quite a number of kilowatt PSU available from different brands, and while a lot of them are good, the Enermax Galaxy DXX 1000 Watt is looking down on the rest of them. Everything is right with this product from A to Z. Everything we threw at it, it remained 100% stable. Now I know, our testing methodology isn't exactly the most sound as we can't 100% stress the PSU. A shame, but it's the way it is. For this PSU to be stress tested you'd need a good number of professional materials worth thousands of dollars. Hey, this was the best we could test. Check some reviews around the web though, nothing can beat this PSU.



Amazing stuff. One question consistently is being asked when I do reviews like the one today: do we really need a 1000 Watts PSU ?

Yes, and no. Really, it depends; how much capacity do you need? What kind of system are you building? How much money are you willing to spend on a quality PSU? Should it be SLI or Crossfire capable with multiple 12 volt rails? Should it be near silent? Are you planning a quad core processor, or a physics card add-on? How many HDD drives will you use? Should it be aesthetically pleasing? Would you like to invest in absolute stability to make sure it can handle future hardware as well? Do you hate "ordinary" wiring? These are just a few factors in your decision and they are all related to the purchase of a PSU. With these reviews, we hope to help you a little with that, as such choices play a really intense role in your PC.

With the new R600 graphics card we can see remarkable power consumption, some of you will run it in Crossfire. Such PC users will likely have a quad-core processor, some physics card going on; you are a high-end consumer, right? While a good 700 Watt PSU for a system as used today would be sufficient I personally like to have a little reserve for overclocking projects and future hardware. And that's where the Galaxy 1000 Watt DXX surfaces.

This Galaxy PSU is all about the future, as once you buy it you can rest assure that anything you throw at it will be eaten alive without a problem. Quad CPU / Quad GPU; it really does not matter.

I love the new Power Guard function, as it certainly helps you figure what exactly could be an issue. Other really fine features obviously are the five +12V Rails, a truly lovely high energy efficiency (85% - that saves money), Quad GPU compatibility, Quad CPU Support, Modular Cables, and whatnot?

Guru3D.com Editors Choice AwardThere are no real disadvantages other than the price of this unit and the fact that it's a bit longer than usual ATX PSU's. That price right now hovers at roughly 330 USD, so that's a quite a lot of money. But please, look at it as a good investment rather than an expensive purchase, as this unit can last for many years to come and if often used, will save you money on your power bill thanks to its high efficiency.

This PSU is extreme in all its ways. For the money, you receive a fantastic quality PSU with sleeved and long modular cables, high performance output and a very safe and protected environment wrapped up in a very silent package. Please do not hesitate on buying this PSU as everything about it is recommendable. If you are in the extreme high-end segment looking for a PSU, or even better, in the market for Quad whatever, then the Enermax Galaxy 1000W is something you should definitely put on your wish-list as I can recommend it wholeheartedly. Armed with a three year warranty this is a next-gen ready PSU; it's a monster in a box!

How good is this PSU? Well it remains seated in our primary test PC for testing high-end videocards in the most extreme conditions. There's really no bigger compliment that I can give a PSU manufacturer.

Galaxy 1000 Watt Power SupplyModel: EGX1000EWL
Manufacturer: Enermax
Price: 335 USD/EUR
Info: website

Our thanks go out to Enermax USA for the opportunity to investigate this power supply.

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