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The unit has 900W of it's 1000W capacity available on the 5 12V rails that are divided up much differently than we are used to seeing from ATX12V power supplies. While this rail distribution could be quite confusing, Enermax does a great job of disclosing the rail distribution in the included manual. Have a look at that when you buy it.

Enermax Galaxy DXX 1000 Watt power Supply - Guru3D.com 2007regular 6-pin PCI-Express connector to the left and on it's right the new convertible 6+2p (6/8p) connector on a TBD product.

The Enermax PSU we tested was model EGX1000EWL, I mention this specifically as this model has a very nice feature called Active PFC. To put it in simple terms, Active PFC PSUs are more expensive and, from a power consumption point of view, more efficient. Power Factor Correction (PFC) allows power distribution to operate at its highest efficiency. There are two types of PFC, Active PFC and Passive PFC. This PSU has Active PFC. Active PFC uses a circuit to correct power factor, Active PFC is able to generate a theoretical power factor of over 95%. Active Power Factor Correction also markedly diminishes total harmonics, automatically corrects for AC input voltage, and is capable of a full range of input voltage. Since Active PFC is the more complex method of Power Factor Correction, it is definitely more expensive to produce an Active PFC power supply.

Right, let's talk cables:


24P Mainboard
For new generations of ATX/BTX PC (ATX12V 2.01/2.2) & EEB/CEB server/workstation


8P CPU + 12V
Supports dual CPU server/workstation systems and some single socket PC systems.


4+4P CPU +12V, in combined mode
To support Quad CPU systems, please use combined mode, plus the 8P CPU +12V connector together to connect to dual 8P CPU power sockets on the motherboard.

4+4P CPU +12V, in split mode
For some single CPU PC systems and some dual CPU server/workstations, which require a single 4P +12V CPU connector, please use split mode and plug the 4P connector with the +12V marking.


6+2P (2x) PCI Express, in combined mode: (Galaxy DXX series only)
8P configuration supports latest extreme graphic cards, which require this new 8pin PCI-E power connector.

6+2P (2x) PCI Express, in split mode: (Galaxy DXX series only)
6P configuration for most performance PCI Express graphic cards, which require 6P PCI Express power connector.


6P PCI Express
For most performance PCI Express graphic cards, which require 6P PCI Express power connector.



For new generation SATA drives.


4P Molex - Molex connector
For IDE/SCSI drives with traditional 4P power in socket.


FAN RPM (1x)
For 8cm fan RPM detection.

The sheer number of cables and connectors you'll receive is amazing. I mean Molex connectors for example. There are three native (directly wired from the PSU) and then you receive another 3 modular cables with each 3 more molex connectors on them and then yet another 2x2 4P molex FDD cables.  SATA for example; 3x native and then 5 modular cabled with 3 SATA power connectors. So, do the math; that's a total of 16 PATA + 18 SATA connectors.

More importantly, you can go nuts with PCI-Express cards as well. A small overview:

  • 2x 8-pin PCI-Express 2.0 (native)
  • 1x 6-pin PCI Express  (native)
  • 2x 6-pin PCI-Express
  • 1x 8 Pin CPU to 6+2P PCI-Express adaptor

Right, allow me to commence with both the beginning and the end results straight away. Ladies and gentlemen ... It's time to start the the sexy photo shoot.

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