Endorfy Arx 700 Air chassis review

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Product Showcase – the packaging

 Product showcase – the packaging


The box of ARX 700 AIR is brown with a picture of the chassis itself.



The specs are given on one of the sides. Luckily, two cutouts are on the side, which can help handle the package. What can we find inside?




The two styrofoam pieces keep the chassis intact, which helped during shipping. Additionally, it’s packed into a plastic bag.



Inside, you’ll find essentials:

  • Manual
  • Motherboard standoff tool
  • 13x M3 screws (for the motherboard/2.5” drives)
  • 22x SSD/HDD bushing
  • 6x HDD mounting screws (UNC #6-32 thread)
  • 20x SSD mounting screws (M3)
  • 1x long thumbscrew (for locking the 3.5” in place)
  • 6x Zip-ties
  • 3.5 mm splitter cable for the front audio combo I/O 

Let’s proceed to evaluate the chassis by looking at the exterior.

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