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Final Words and Conclusion

Final words and conclusion

The XM1 is the first mouse by the Endgame Company, and we admit that this has been a very strong and successful debut. The XM1 combines a very good shape, a flawlessly implemented top-tier 16K DPI sensor, and very low weight (without having to resort to holes). This model targets a group of avid FPS players who are looking for the lightest mice possible. The mouse does not feel cheap, and with its 70g weight, it’s one the lightest on the market. The hardware is top-tier, and the mouse has been co-designed by CS 1.3/1.5/1.6 AWP legend Johnny R. It’s ergonomic and comfortable, and you get a mouse with plenty of software options and five buttons. 


"On board" of this mouse, you get the Pixart PMW3389 sensor, which works flawlessly here. It’s possible to adjust the DPI from 50 to 16000 in 50 DPI steps. The switches are Omrons, with an MTBF of 50 million clicks. The mouse is connected via a USB cable (unfortunately not braided) that’s 1.8 m long. The buttons provide great feedback when pressed, and offer a good response. 



For €59.90/$59.99/£53.99, you get a 16K DPI wired gaming mouse that is super-light. What more? The build quality and ergonomics are simply great. There are no complex macro features, no RGB lighting, and no complicated button configurations. It doesn’t even have a DPI button. The cable is not braided; it’s just rubber (but on the flipside it won’t be stiff). So why do we still recommend this product? For its universal shape, fantastic 16K DPI sensor, reliable switches, and low weight. Its silky smoothness and pixel-perfect accuracy, low 2mm lift-off, and high tracing speeds certainly give you an edge in gaming as well. It’s really a “back-to-the-basics” product, which we really enjoy. For the money, you receive a complete and precise gaming mouse. Not a “Top pick”, as there are some wrinkles, but still recommended by Guru3D.com.

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