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Specifications and Features

Specifications and features

Some marketing info below:

“In a brilliant surprise debut, the new manufacturer Endgame Gear has released its first accessory: The XM1 Gaming Mouse. Blazing-fast signal processing capabilities, superior craftsmanship and combine to make this incredibly light mouse the tool of choice for ambitious aspirational esports athletes as well as their professional counterparts. In order to achieve the increased click responsiveness, the XM1 (designed in Germany) utilises a patented analog switch contact algorithm alongside pre-selected mechanical OMRON 50M switches. The end result is an unheard-of sub 1 ms response time. Visually, it comes across as a sleek and minimalist mouse – but appearances can be deceiving, it is packed with impressive technology such as the high-end optical Pixart PMW3389 optical sensor with a Lift-Off Distance of 2 mm. At the same time, it maintains the optimal ergonomic shape for minimising strain and stress on the wrist – helping to maximise comfort even over the course of extended gaming sessions. Silent and low-friction, PTFE glides allow the mouse to move effortlessly across the surface, reducing the fatiguing effect of fast and repetitive movements. The end result is a mouse that assists gamers in achieving increased cursor precision over longer periods of time.

The level of precision that can be achieved while gaming with the Endgame Gear XM1 is possible in large part thanks to the extensive customisability options. The sleek and functional software draws its inspiration from the overall design philosophy of the product itself, meaning that is restricts itself to focusing on the absolute essentials to prevent any unwanted interference with overall system performance. The Endgame Gear XM1 offers an exceptionally low weight of just 70 g and the 1,8 M cable is also very flexible.
The XM1 makes for the perfect gaming mouse for highly-focused professional gamers who require maximum performance over extended periods of time – especially when it comes to competitions such as esports tournaments. “ 


  • Patented analogue technology for true sub 1ms response times
  • Preselected mechanical OMRON 50M switches
  • High-end Pixart PMW3389 sensor for low/mid/high-sensitivity gamers
  • Adjustable USB polling rate from between 250 Hz, 500 Hz & 1.000 Hz
  • Silent and low-friction PTFE glides for maximum precision
  • Ultra-lightweight construction at just 70 g
  • Right-handed mouse designed for claw grip, palm grip & finger grip
  • Superior craftsmanship with 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Efficient, lightweight software for 50 CPI - 16.000 CPI tracking



Pixart PMW3389 High-End (optical)


50 CPI to 16,000 CPI

Max. Acceleration:

50 G

Max. Speed:

11.43 m/s (450 IPS)

Lift-off Distance (LOD):

2 mm


ARM STM32-based chip

Software / Firmware Updates:


Adjustable Polling Rate:

250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1,000 Hz

Host Signal Intervals:

4 ms, 2 ms, 1 ms

Internal Signal Processing Latency:

1 ms

Ergonomics / Layout:


Supported Grip Types:

Claw Grip, Palm Grip, Finger Grip


approx. 122.14 x 65.81 x 38.26 mm (L x W x H)

Primary Buttons (right/left):

OMRON long-life switches (mechanical)


50 million clicks

Number of Buttons:

5 (2x top, 2x side, 1x mouse wheel)

Mouse Wheel Scrolling:



Plastic (Chassis), PTFE (Glides), Dry Grip Coating (Surface)


approx. 70 g (including cable)

Connection Type:

wired (USB 2.0 Type A)

Cable Length:

180 cm

Available Colors:



€59.90 / $59,99 / £53,99


2 years from date of purchase

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