Endgame XM1 gaming mouse review

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Product showcase

Product showcase

As always, we start with the packaging. It’s very compact, simple and all black. On the front, you can see only the model name, weight, sensor CPI and <1 ms Analog Technology info for switches. On the back, there’s practically the same info as on the front, but a pleasant surprise for me here was that itis also printed in Polish. In the box, you’ll find a quick-start guide with the default options for the DPI levels and a mention of the mouse offering four grades of DPI control, as well as info on how to change the profiles and polling rate. The mouse itself nicely secured, and it sits safely cushioned in a foam package. Here’s the first shot of the mouse. The provided cable is 1.85 m long, and it’s not braided - it’s rubber only. On the other hand, at least it’s not stiff. You can find also an inline choke there.






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