EK AIO Elite 360 D-RGB review

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Product Installation





We are testing externally, but you get the idea here. You'd need to think about cable routing and thus wiring in general before mounting this kit into a chassis. 



So, in general, this is what the kit looks like. The tubing is lovely and thick and has enough reach to mount the rad at the top of a chassis properly. Overall the kit is nice and dark. It has a subtle design. Depending on your preference, you can go all rainbow, Christmas, or as I prefer, a single fading color for a bit of Zen, no processor pun intended btw.



Once powered on, you'll have a hard time hearing the water-pump only perhaps when you put your ear next to it. The fans will spin quietly in the 300~600 RPM range with the CPU idle if you set your PWM / RPM settings to default on the motherboard. And yeah, installation wise, that is all there is to it. A straightforward and clean installation overall. BTW opposed to a standard motherboard configured fam RPM, we'd say, lock them all in at 500R RPM for silence, with 6 fans that create plenty enough airflow even under high load.



We've been a bit short on time due to all the tier-1 high profile embargo reviews. Ergo we did not have time for a full RGB photo-shoot. The photos abo indicate what the unit will look like when enabled.

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