EK AIO Elite 360 D-RGB review

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Product Installation

Product Installation 

Mounting the cooler is a relatively easy thing to do, though the motherboard needs to come out of the chassis unless you have a chassis with a mainboard cutout for CPU cooling.


Now you must first prepare the back-plate. We apply the back-plate, which we line up and install at the backside of the motherboard. Just push it through there. The back-plate is a bit wobbly to install, though, as the retention pins do not pass through the motherboard holes. BTW it's a one size fits all, but do pay attention as to how you mount it. BTW EK, can we do a black colored backplate, please? Some chassis do have a right side glass see-through panel. Details details.



We install four standoff screws to the back-plate. You can see the four holes surrounding the socket; the bracket is pushed onto there properly. 


Place the mounting bracket over the standoff screws and secure these with four thumbscrews, as shown in the photo above.


You need to connect the pump/fan RPM wires to a secondary or dedicated FAN header and fans to the CPU fan header. All this is 15 minutes of work, tops. Ehn hours inside your chassis to hide all that wiring, I guess:)  We positioned the cooler and are ready for the first test run. 

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