EK AIO Elite 360 D-RGB review

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Here we have the fans. You get two of these 120mm and PWM based, as stated, obviously three 240mm ones for a 360mm model. These are Vardar S ER fans, aRGB compatible ones. 


They offer a wide speed adjustment range from 550 - 2200 RPM, allowing for near-silent operation under lighter loads and maximum airflow during heavy usage.



When we flip it around, we see the radiator a little better. Easy to mount, most big-tower chassis' have pre-fitted holes and space for 360mm rads, but not all of them. Please check if you can actually mount the radiator's format and size at 395 x 120 x 27 mm + fans thickness(!).


At the CPU cooling block/pump, we see an all copper base that does not have a mirror finish; it is definitely very flat, though. EK is using its in-house design based on an SPC line pump.


What I like is that the top side of the block is really square and reflective dark. I am not a big fan of logos though the EK branding is done very subtly. The RGB emitting lights come from the side. It's subtle. 



There's a refill cap located next to the tubing fitting on the rad. I'd be careful using the right coolant, though, as I see a copper base block and an aluminum radiator, you're going to need a particular non-corroding coolant if you ever need to refill it.

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