Edifier G4 Pro Headset review

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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

At 70 USD, Edifier has delivered a very nice product. The G4 PRO offers gamers a high-quality headset solution without too much compromise in terms of comfort, audio, or mic quality. There is an adjustable RGB option, which might represent added value for some users (but you’re wearing the headphones on your head, so does it really make a difference?). The most prominent feature here is the internal 7.1 (virtualized) surround sound card, although disabling this option makes the sound experience better overall in most cases (especially for music). However, keep in mind that this is a subjective observation. The vibrations are not really needed either (and I prefer to disable this feature as well). Wearing comfort was good, and audio quality was satisfactory, even for listening to music (as long as you’re not an audiophile).


It’s also easy to adjust the audio characteristics to your needs - mainly thanks to the Edifier software (which is user-friendly) and USB sound card. It’s a good package deal for the money you spend, given that it’s a headset with two 40 mm neodymium drivers.

Wearing Comfort

The G4 PRO is well made in this respect. It feels light and comfortable, due to the interesting yet simple design. You can easily keep the headset on for 3+ hours before you start to experience any discomfort. I do wish the ear cushions were a bit thicker and slightly firmer, but the pads themselves are actually removable, so there’s always the option to replace the stock ones with a third-party alternative. The headband is made very solidly. Cup height can be adjusted, but there are no hinges/swivel points (although that is not really an issue for me).

The Verdict

For the 70 USD that you have to spend, you shouldn’t regret buying the G4 PRO at all, as it offers correct audio quality combined with good wearing comfort and whoop there it is … RGB lighting. The whole package might not be perfect, but the build quality is high enough (it’s sturdy), and we simply have not seen any issues in this department. The insulation, in terms of ambient room noise, is a bit below average, but I’m actually nit-picking here, as this is not a headset with active noise cancellation either. Summing things up, it’s a product worthy of the Great Value award. You can tweak the headset to your liking (via the Equalizer), and it works well with the internal 7.1 USB soundcard. Edifier G4 PRO is not a product that will suit audiophile tastes, but that’s not its target audience, so no problem there. The 40 mm driver will easily meet the needs of gamers and casual music listeners. The included MIC also is of decent quality, and it’s easily adjustable (length and position).

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