Edifier G4 Pro Headset review

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70 bucks for the G4 PRO seems quite reasonable at least at first glance.The sturdy, yet lightweight design features round pleather ear cups with memory foam.



The G4 PRO uses two 40 mm neodymium (magnet) drivers, which provide sufficient volume levels and clarity, with a bit of bass distortion. There’s also a vibration unit that generates some bass-related (yes, you’ve guessed right) vibrations.



 The ear cups on the G4 PRO are medium sized and padded, and you can see plastic grills on the outside.



Overall, the cups are comfortable to wear, even for a guy with a relatively big head, like me (I’m 202 cm tall). Head sizes do differ, but most users will probably find that the headset fits them with no issues (it worked for me, so you’re unlikely to have any problems). 




On the remote you can find these:

  • Vibration switch (the slider visible in the upper part of the front side)
  • Power indicator (just below the vibration switch)
  • Microphone (the golden circle)
  • Volume control (on the right side)
  • Power switch (below the volume control)


The microphone performs well. You can adjust it to your needs using the 360-degree twisting gooseneck, and there’s a length adjustment option as well.


The headband is padded with memory foam, so it should adjust itself to the shape of your head with the help of heat generated by your body. If you are a big guy like me, you can adjust the headset and position the cups a bit lower/higher, depending on the size of your head, and your preferences, of course. There is certainly one downside: the cups cannot be rotated, but this shouldn’t be an issue for most of the users. 

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