Edifier G4 Pro Headset review

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Specification and unboxing

Specification and unboxing

This is the first time that an Edifier product will be reviewed on Guru3D.com (and we hope it’s not the last one).


As you can see, the main features are the 7.1 surround sound engine with vibrations and RGB lighting. The chip that takes care of the sound is a CM6533 X1 unit. Here’s some more information about it, quoted directly from the manufacturer’s website.

“The CM6533/X1/DH is a USB 2.0 audio chip built-in 8051 for flexible applications. With integrated Tri-Colors PWM LED driver and two (2)-channel ADC/DAC and S/PDIF interface that makes it suitable for headset, docking, speaker and microphone applications. The internal 8051 can also be developed to a lot of different applications, such as Microsoft™ Lync/Skype/VoIP device, Android Phone or Tablet/Slate docking device. The CM6533/X1/DH is compatible with USB audio Class 1.0 and USB 2.0 full-speed, thus it can plug & play without any additional software installation on major operating systems. The internal DAC and ADC support from 8 ~ 96 KHz sampling rate and 16/24 bits resolution. he CM6533/X1/DH integrates equalizer on both playback and recording paths to compensate the frequency response of microphone and headphone. he CM6533/X1/DH also integrates 32KB flash and crystal but requires few passive components to make a finished product. Thus, it can save the total BOM cost and PCB area can be smaller.”


The packaging is quite standard, in mostly black/red/white colors, and with a listing of the main features.


You can find more details on the back side. Ok, let’s peek at the contents, shall we?


Inside the packaging, you’ll find the headset with the remote and a USB connecting cable (2.5 m).



  • Available Colours – Black, White
  • Frequency Response – 20Hz – 20 kHz
  • Impedance – 24 Ohms
  • Sensitivity – 106 ± 3 dB
  • Drivers – 40 mm Neodymium
  • Connection – USB
  • Weight – 367 g


  • Type – Omnidirectional (360 degrees twisting gooseneck, retractable), adjustable length

The headset is made of glossy plastic (a bit of a fingerprint magnet), but it looks nice. You can immediately spot the RGB LEDs in the outer part of the ear cups. With a solution based on CM6533 X1 hardware, you don’t need a discrete soundcard, as the included USB 7.1 one will do the job just fine. inside the box, you’ll also find a short manual and a specifications sheet.


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