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Game performance - Crysis WarHEAD


Crysis Warhead has good looks. As mentioned before, the game looks better than Crysis, and it runs better too. Our test machine that struggled a bit to run the original at high settings ran Warhead smoothly with the same settings. Yet as much as you may have heard about Crysis' technical prowess, you'll still be impressed when you feast your eyes on the swaying vegetation, surging water, and expressive animations. Outstanding graphics. Couldn't say more here.

Our image quality settings; we opt for the gamers mode. However, we select DirectX 9 mode as well to allow the CPU to show performance difference.

  • Level Ambush
  • Code path DX9
  • Anti-aliasing 2xMSAA
  • Quality mode Gamer

Crysis Warhead is a game title that likes 2 CPU cores AND likes faster clocked processors. We opted to use 2xAA and DirectX9 Mode. This way the game is not massively GPU dependant yet a little in-between. And though image quality still is excellent, it will show differences in CPU or system performance really well.

We'll also show the overclocked results. Again all game results are based on the very same operating system clone, the same drivers and the same GeForce GTX 580 graphics card.

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