ECS P67H2-A motherboard review

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Performance - DDR3 Memory read | write

Memory Read test

This first time we ran the memory test we could not believe our eyes really. So we ran it again and again. The results are subject to change, but you are looking at DDR3 memory running at 1333 MHz in dual-channel on the Sandy Bridge processors.

ECS P67H2-A Sandy bridge motherboard

The read memory bandwidth is near triple channel performance. And once you flick on an overclock and set that memory at 1600 MHz then you'll pass 19K read performance.

Memory Write test

So here we can observe write performance, you will hover around 17 to 18GB/sec for 1333 MHz CAS9 in dual-channel mode.

However overclocked at 4.6 GHz with that XMP profile enabled at 1600 MHz DDR memory... we pass 22K, which is just flabbergasting. In all fairness though, invest in more instead of faster memory. Running your memory at 1333Mhz already gives you an incredible amount of bandwidth, in real world performance the difference is just very hard to measure and justify price wise.

Sandra Memory Index

One more memory test, here we make use of the Sandra Memory performance test, it gives us an index score of overall memory performance. Here again the numbers show amazing perf differences.

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