Deepcool Gamerstorm Castle 240 RGB AIO review

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The dimensions of the fans (with Hydro Bearings) are 120×120×25 mm. They are controlled by PWM (4 pin connection). The fans have 9 transparent blades with grooves that improve airflow.


The corners of the fans have a rubber finish to reduce vibrations. Fan speed ranges between 500 and 1800 rpm, with a max airflow of 69.34 CFM and air pressure reaching 2.42 mm H2O. Noise levels range between 17.8 and 30 db(A) according to the manufacturer.


The radiator measures 274×120×27 mm (L×W×H). It should be easy to install it in most modern cases.


As you can see, the pump is really tall. 71 mm is not a joke.



The CPU block has a mirror-effect finish. The tubes are braided, which makes them more durable and allows you to orient them in the best possible way.


After flipping the block/pump you can see an all-copper base. There’s no TIM (thermal grease) pre-applied, but that’s not an issue. The overall size of the base is impressive, as it also allows it to support Threadripper CPUs (which is not common in this segment). There’s no mirror finish, but it does look polished enough not to cause any problems with transferring heat from the CPU.


Deepcool provided a small tube of thermal paste that should be enough for about 3-4 applications (for a typical CPU, not a Threadripper). Another peek at the CPU block and the braided wiring. It does look very nice and has a premium feel.

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