Crucial X6 Portable 1TB USB SSD review

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Final Words & Conclusion

Final Words & Conclusion

All things considered, the Crucial X6 Portable SSD is a reasonably low-cost USB Type-C compatible SSD with storage capacity running up to 4 TB in the year 2022, almost twice as fast as a SATA3 SSD that we all still used two years ago. Despite the fact that it is made of plastic for its shell, it has a high-quality feel to it and is constructed with durability in mind. Its smallest distinguishing feature is its modest size, which makes it simple to transport. We were particularly impressed with the speed of the X6 Portable SSD, which remained quick and responsive throughout our testing. The X6 transitioned towards NVMe for internals, and thus reaches anywhere from 500 MB toi close to 1 GB/sec performance levels. We were able to quickly and easily extract data from enormous files and deliver them in record time. Throughout our testing, we had no major issues, which is a positive for this solid-state drive. As previously stated, this SSD's performance can be inferior to that of competing SSDs. This makes sense when you consider the drive's function as a portable storage device that allows for easy access to its contents. Regardless, it will satisfy the great majority of buyers because it is a fantastic SSD for general-purpose computing needs. Also even for backup purposes, this unit would be incredibly handy.



The X6 Portable SSD is a solid-state external drive that is small and portable, making it ideal for users who demand small, portable storage. In addition to having a USB Type-C connector, it also boasts a drop-resistant casing as well as is compatible with a great number of devices. Most significantly, it performs well for what it needs to do, which is particularly commendable given its modest price.  In relation to cost and performance, this is one of the best options available today for those seeking a solid-state drive (SSD). If you're a typical user, the X6 is a device I have no reservations about recommending. Those who prefer to store their belongings in their pockets, in particular, will benefit from this. It's reasonably priced and fast enough for everyday usage. Our rating is mostly based on the X6's cheap starting price. Sure, there are faster drives available. But for what this is, needs to be and offers, it's plenty fast for most use case and workload scenarios.

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