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Performance - RMAA cont'd


RMAA 5.3

Ah, another review, another RMAA revision, which now stands at 5.3.  It does keep things fresh, however. I used Terratec's DMX 6-fire to record the Audigy2 ZS, which RMAA 5.3 measured a 102.9dB dynamic range.

Let's start off with a summary of all three modes 16/44.1, 16/48, and 24-bit/96kHz.


RMAA 5.3


The Audigy2 ZS is very close to the DMX 6-fire.  In some cases the DMX 6-fire is masking the true performance of the Audigy2 ZS.  The following graphs are for 24-bit/96kHz mode.


Almost ruler-flat to 40kHz


The Audigy2 ZS does very well here, with its frequency response extending far up into the 40kHz region.


24 bit/96kHz Noise


A couple of spikes on the DMX 6-fire show through to the Audigy2 ZS.


24 bit/96kHz Dynamic Range

Dynamic Range, or signal to noise ratio (SNR), is quite good for the Audigy2 ZS, but it's definitely not 108dB good.


24 bit/96kHz THD

THD for the Audigy2 ZS is very clean, with few harmonic spikes to muddy its output.


24 bit/96kHz IMD

Poor, or at least not great IMD has been a tradition with the emu10K0x DSP that would rather like to run at 16 bit/48kHz than any other mode.


24 bit/96kHz Stereo Crosstalk


Overall, very good.  The IMD should be better for 24 bit, but isn't.  The noise floor is lower on the DMX 6-fire, but overall THD is less on the Audigy2 ZS.  The crosstalk of the DMX 6-fire is influencing the Audigy2 from about 3kHz on up.  It sure is nipping at the Terratec's tails, innit!

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