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Benchmarks - Games

Performance - Games Benchmarks




halo -timedemo 


In Bungie's Halo we see the Audigy2 ZS pull out front, with the AudioTrak Prodigy 7.1 leading the Envy24 charge.  The limit of the test machine is about 56FPS (sound=off).


Call of Duty 

Using FRAPS to count frames on the redsquare-1 "Suicide Run" mission, an average of 2200 frames were counted.  A standard path was used to reach the end of the mission.  The test machine's limit was about 60FPS.




The DMX 6-fire and Prodigy 7.1 are both using Sensaura3D which limits them to EAX2.  Since Call of Duty is capable of using EAX 3.0, the Audigy2 ZS was also tested using this option.  The Audigy2 ZS easily dominates Call of Duty.


Subjectively speaking, however, the EAX 3.0 implementation was rather satisfying.  The DMX 6-fire had the second best sound, in my opinion, even though it was using EAX 2.0.


Tron 2.0




Tron 2.0 is a very stylish and challenging game.  We used FRAPS to count frames on the 'Thornes Internal Partition' map, using a standard path and 'activities'.  An average of about 3500 frames were used for each run.  The limit was about 70FPS.


Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo





Again using FRAPS on DM-Rankin, the only included DM map, with 4 bots and HW+EAX settings were used to test out the capabilities of the sound cards.  The frame rate limit was about 100FPS.  Roughly 4500 frames were averaged for each of three runs for each card.


One word: Supah-Frag-uh-licious!  The Audigy2 ZS is about 20 frames faster than the slowest, the DMX 6-fire.


The Audigy2 ZS rules the benchmarks.  It's not even close.  Chewing up less resources than the competition, the Audigy2 sailed through to the best performance.  Well, this is the reason people will want to buy an Audigy2 ZS.  Subjectively, the Audigy2 ZS also had the best sound.  Game sounds were crisp and directional cues were perfectly placed.

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