Corsair RM1200X SHIFT 1200W PSU Review

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Corsair RMx Shift 1200W
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Corsair has made a shift in cable management with its latest offering, the Corsair RMx Shift series. This PSU  series introduces a side-positioned DC connector panel. This addition grants users seamless access to the modular panel, simplifying cable management with wide chassis. All Shift models are equipped with ATX v3.0 and PCIe 5.0 also. Building upon the success of the renowned RMx series, Corsair has retained the familiar RMx naming scheme while incorporating the "Shift" suffix. This term accurately represents the key enhancement of the series: the relocation of the modular connector panel from the back to the side. It's important to note that compatibility with all chassis types may vary, as certain chassis feature PSU compartments that cover the sides of the power supply unit. This development serves as a call to action for chassis manufacturers to consider making adjustments to accommodate this design. The benefit is simple; you can access your cables and connectors far more easily.


The RMx SHIFT power supplies are designed to support PC building and upgrading. They are equipped with fully modular micro-fit connectors and adhere to ATX 3.0 standards, making cable management more straightforward while offering good performance. These power supplies come with a ten-year warranty and use Japanese 105°C-rated electrolytic capacitors for increased reliability and durability. Silent operation of the RMx SHIFT is also guaranteed due to its 140mm fluid dynamic bearing fan, designed to optimize airflow and minimize noise. The Zero RPM mode support allows for near-silent operation during low and medium loads (<50%). Some benefits of the RMx SHIFT Series PSU include:

  1. Improved Cable Management: The placement of connectors on the side of the PSU simplifies cable organization, helping to keep the interior of the system neat and visually appealing.
  2. Easy Installation and Maintenance: The accessible connectors make attaching and detaching cables simpler, streamlining the process of adding new components or conducting system maintenance.
  3. Reduced Cable Strain: The accessible connectors help prevent bending or twisting of cables, reducing the likelihood of damage over time.
  4. Enhanced System Performance: Proper cable management can lead to better airflow within the computer case, which in turn (could) improve overall system performance by preventing component overheating.

Bronze, Silver, but truly Gold, Platinum, and Titanium are the most energy-efficient certification levels available. And, while we are confident that if a model is ever created that is 98 percent efficient, we will see a Plutionuim model, If your computer is on 24 hours a day. It does, indeed, cost quite a bit of money. And, as you are probably aware, efficiency is critical; many years ago, PSUs were rated as low as 70% efficient, which means that 30% of the power consumed simply vanishes somewhere in the electric circuitry, while you pay for it on your electricity bill.

ATX 3.0 and an included 12Vhpwr connection with 16 pins that can provide power up to 600W, specifically designed for use with Nvidia's GeForce RTX 40 graphics cards. Additionally, the PSUs must comply with ATX 3.0 standards for short-duration power supply and sustain peak currents of up to three times the normal power consumption of the graphics card. The company also includes regular 6+2-pin connections for powering graphics cards.

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