Corsair Obsidian 350D review

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So we have seen the motherboard side innards, what about the backside? Is there some TLC for cable routing? Of course there is, let's have a peek. The Obsidian Series 350D comes with 6 rubber grommet covered holes in the motherboard tray, through which you can route cables. Even with a system full of hardware, including multiple graphics cards and storage devices, you will be able to route your cables fairly clean and with ease.


The big gaping hole of course is a CPU backplate cutout that makes it very easy to install an aftermarket CPU cooler without needing to remove the motherboard. The rear of the motherboard tray also has several of cable tie-down loops, which makes it simple to keep the cables routed to the rear-side of the motherboard tray neat and tidy. The side-panel gap has also been specially designed to accommodate the additional space required to store all the cables, maintaining the professional look.


The side-panel spacing has also been specially designed to provide the extra space required to store all the cables, you'll have roughly 2cm of space and thus clearance.


See where I placed the SSD on the backside? Yeah I know I know... hard to miss eh? :)


Just push it inwards until you hear a click. This is a standalone tool-free 2.5 inch drive cage which will support up to three SSDs or other 2.5 inch drives. Very clever, very simple and very handy. 

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