Corsair Obsidian 350D review

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From up top we move to the bottom, the chassis rests on four rubber feet to prevent it from resonating. The chassis is heavy enough, there's just no way it would resonate whatsoever. The Obsidian 350D has a removable dust filter in front of the intake fan and underneath the PSU in the bottom rear of the case. Removing and cleaning the filters is an easy task.


With the top side panel removed we can now look from top to bottom. Lower left is the PSU area, to the right the drive cages. We'll look more in-depth at that in a minute though. So you'll notice a CPU back-plate cutout for simple CPU cooler installation, 2x tool-free 5.25in drive bays for easy drive installation, many cable-routing holes and multiple HDD cages that support the 2x HDD cage. Even with a system full of hardware, including multiple graphics cards and storage devices, you will be able to route your cables cleanly and easily.


Inside the chassis you'll spot a small carton box. Bundled items are screws.



The top side reveals the 120mm rear exhaust fan, nice in black. These are PWM controlled fans. Connect them to a controller or your motherboard to regulate them. The 350D itself does not have a fan controller though. The matte dark interior overall is well designed and there's just enough room to work with, all the larger components will fit easily including even the longest graphics cards. You'll get 5 PCI expansion ports at your disposal.

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