Corsair M65 RGB ELITE game mouse review

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Testing the mouse

Testing the mouse

We've stated this many times; there's nothing more controversial than explaining and testing a mouse. Now I've been using the mouse for a little while now just to check out how well I like it in gaming and normal desktop usage. You need to understand that this old geek still is using the good old Microsoft Trackball Explorer series!




The new  M65 Elite feels really good and really, is impressive?  The design works well, making the mouse a near perfect fit for any right-handed geeky gamer. The mouse is responsive and of course does everything you can expect from a mouse in this price range and more as its got lights, yo. I say 'this price range' on purpose, as right now we see it coming online in web shops for only 59  EUR, which is a really fair price for an enthusiast class gaming mouse. You really do get the feel of a quality mouse, dare I say professional grade mouse with great design, features and that aluminum body.  

If you have a need for programmability, you can do so with the mouse application software. Playing games then: The mouse is responsive, very responsive in Battlefield V, you easily navigate through everything in the field. Once you reach your enemy and get into a shootout you'll quickly cycle to a lower DPI level so you can aim a little more accurately. Selection of the DPI works nice and fast by simply clicking the DPI switch up and down.

Why do I like the feature and ability to switch DPIs on the fly in games? Example: when I'm sniping I want precision and the mouse to function not too erratically; so I set it at low DPI with the flick of a button. When I take my shot and have to move out of the danger zone quickly I take another weapon and go into a more shoot 'em up scenario; then I want that mouse to behave really fast and could take it to a higher DPI. The difference is really distinct and handy. The mouse can scan 18,000 DPI, which really is a silly number but does it really matter if that laser light is scanning 1100, 2600 or 5600 dots per inch? Well, that's the subjective part I guess. 

The response time and accuracy certainly feel good as well. The optical engine combines high precision movement with a lightweight, making the mouse easier to move quickly and repeatedly. I really like the selectable DPI levels, it just really makes the difference in first person shooters with fast high action, versus say a sniper level where you quickly want to lower your DPI precision so that your mouse pointer can be steered towards your target more accurately.

The thumb grip makes is relatively easy to adjust the mouse to aim, the sniper button advances on that for targeting on your mark. So that Sniper button rocks, say you have your mouse at 4000 DPI and you're playing a game like Sniper Elite, where you want a little more accuracy during a sniping aim. This can be achieved by lowering the DPI when shooting on the fly. Just press the Sniper thumb button and you will be at 400 DPI (or whatever value you configure it for). Move your thumb away from that button and your mouse is 4000 DPI again. A very handy way toswitch to sniper and normal modes really. Obviously that DPI level can be programmed to a DPI of your preference.


The feel then -- The mouse does feel right in many ways, I love the rubberized top grip and the sanding paper like feel in the thumb area. Overall it's just a really good and comfortable grip in the hand as well. The mouse itself, like many others, is just on par with everything alongside a powerful software suite. Pretty much all buttons are positioned just right and the mouse sits comfortably in my hands.

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