Corsair M65 RGB ELITE game mouse review

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Right, as always we start with packaging so you can recognize the product in the stores. Clear packaging, all primary features are marked on the packaging, hard to miss really. Note, if you do not like the Corsair gaming look, then you can purchase the M65 RGB Elite, a mouse residing in that FPS-centric zone with colorful lights, adjustable weights, and anno 2019 a really proper software suite.

In some of the photos, you can also see the new MM350 mousemat, which is an extended super-sized mousemat which will, just simply is really cool and effective. Corsair offers it in two sizes btw:

  • Size
    • Extended XL Size: Cover your whole gaming area with a massive 930mm x 400mm (36.6” x 15.7”) surface, giving ample room for your mouse, keyboard and more.
    • X-Large Size: Never run out of space with an expansive 450mm x 400mm (17.7” x 15.7”) surface for big mouse movements.
  • Extra Thick Comfort: Stay in the game longer with 5mm plush rubber construction that also helps smooth out uneven desktop surfaces.
  • Durable Design: Stands up to daily gaming with a precision-stitched, 360° anti-fray edge that guards against surface peeling.
  • Superior Control: Glide-enhanced woven textile surface optimized for high-performance gaming mice with low-friction tracking for pixel-perfect targeting.
  • Looking Good: Wear-resistant dye graphic surface keeps your setup looking fresh and compliments your gaming style.
  • Staying Power: Anti-skid textured rubber base keeps the mouse pad securely in place even during the most intense gaming sessions.


In the package, you'll find 1 x Gaming Mouse. Next to that leaflet manual and warranty guide. It's a nice looking mouse alright. A bit oddly shaped, but the feel an fit in your hand makes up for that completely.


Weight is perfect for me at once. Our review sample as you can notice is a black version, there also is a white version on the market. The mouse immediately sits comfortably in my hand, it's roughly 95g but it is weight adjustable as we'll show you on the next page. All the angles and stuff going on might seem busy, but it serves with a purpose as this is a very comfortable mouse to use. 


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