Corsair K60 RGB Pro keyboard review

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Functional usage

Functional usage

The K60 RGB PRO comes with either Cherry MX Viola for the presented version (89.99 USD), the Pro (79.99 USD), and RGB Pro SE (99.99 USD), or CHERRY MX RGB Low Profile SPEED (109.99 USD) switches. We had the Violas in the reviewed sample. An actuation force of 45 cN is required for the pretravel of two millimetres. After that, the actuation force ramps up to 75 cN at the end of the travel distance (four millimetres). The resulting characteristic curve enables CHERRY VIOLA to offer ergonomic overtravel and fast reset. Cherry MX Viola are definitely one of the quietest switches around. A quiet keyboard is useful for some users, especially for typing or gaming at night. Luckily, my computer is not even close to the bedroom, so it's not so important in my scenario, but if you'll choose the K60 RGB PRO - you should be satisfied in this area.




We have tested the K60 RGB PRO during many hours of typing and gaming. In games like Starcraft 2, PUBG, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: WW2 or even DiRT: Rally, the keyboard responded to my actions quickly and accurately. Precision is one of the reasons why people buy mechanical keyboards, and there’s no major shortage of it here. The option to record macros may come in handy in several contexts.


The keyboard passed the N-Key rollover test without any noticeable hiccups. The Anti-Ghosting technology serves its purpose as well. I didn’t get any missed keystrokes when typing, either. The ergonomics are simply great, but the thing that it lacks is the palm rest (which you get in the SE version). The lighting is not annoying in the dark (but it’s clearly vivid and visible, and you can disable it completely if you prefer). The media keys are “hidden” (no dedicated ones) but still, I found them useful several times. No USB pass-through here, but you can’t have it all in that budget, right? 

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