Corsair K60 RGB Pro keyboard review

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Product showcase

Product Showcase


At the bottom, there are no cut-outs for cable routing. The two flip-up stands luckily have rubber inserts. There are overall five rubber pieces that should prevent the keyboard from moving when in use.  The keyboard is also quite heavy, so that should also help.


There are four led indicators for the:

  • Windows Lock
  • Num Lock
  • Caps Lock
  • Scroll lock


The media buttons are mapped as the secondary function of the F5-F12 buttons.


It’s possible to change the colours:

  • FN + 1 Spiral Rainbow
  • FN + 2 Rain
  • FN + 3 Rainbow Wave
  • FN + 4 Visor
  • FN + 5 Type Lighting
  • FN + 6 Type Lighting
  • FN + 7 Color Shift
  • FN + 8 Color Pulse
  • FN + 9 Color Wave
  • FN + 0 Static Color


The keys are exposed, so cleaning them with a can of compressed air should do the job. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to that. The base can get dirty quite quickly. You can also see that the keycaps are made from ABS. PBT ones are more durable and also remain "dry" and grippy-feeling even after extended use. There is no detachable palm rest, unfortunately (at least in the reviewed version, SE has it).

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