Corsair K60 RGB Pro keyboard review

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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

We like the new K60 RGB Pro, we do. It’s clearly a move aimed at acquiring new customers in a somewhat lower segment of the market. The Cherry MX Viola switches turn out to be really pleasant. You get ABS keycaps in the tested version, but if you pay just 10 USD more for the SE version, it comes with PBT keys and a palm rest, which sounds like a great deal. You obviously get iCUE compatibility, as well. It would be a surprise if you didn’t in a Corsair product. While we’re at it, the keyboard has dynamic per-key RGB backlighting. The quality is good, and you can’t really complain about anything here. 


The K60 RGB PRO is, in fact, very similar to other Corsair keyboards. You get an aluminum frame, as well as media and volume buttons (unfortunately not dedicated ones this time). The overall look is very sleek for a keyboard of this size. The LED lighting system is really god (vivid and crisp colors), and you can adjust each key to your preference. That’s cool, isn’t it? Even anti-RGB guys should be satisfied.



Final words 

The mechanical keyboards market is becoming more crowded and sure even too saturated, but Corsair clearly wanted to grab another piece of it by launching this lower-end product. We received the “regular” RGB Pro version, but the truth is to be found in this fact, the RGB Pro SE is much more appealing, as it has PBT keycaps instead of ABS ones, and a palm rest (which I treasure on the tested K95 Platinum XT that I use daily). The 10 USD premium for these two additions is undoubtedly worth it. We’d like to see the reviewed version a notch cheaper (to the tune of 79.99 USD, in line with the current price of the non-RGB variant) to set both variants apart more clearly. As it is, we can’t go beyond the “Approved” award for the Corsair K60 RGB Pro considering the fact the K60 RGB Pro SE is only slightly more expensive but offers two very important features (especially PBT keycaps will be a selling point, while palm rests are not everyone’s cup of tea). The K60 RGB Pro SE would most probably get the "Recommended" award. Still, the reviewed version is a good offer, and the switches did surprisingly well for a value offer from Cherry MX. The overall quality is really decent (the aluminum frame makes a great impression), so no major complaints here. iCUE support is just something obvious, and if you own any other Corsair material, the option to synchronize the lighting is a good feature. If you’re not a fan of RGB, remember that you can always adjust the lighting per key (but then why would you be buying this piece of gear in the first place?). There are no dedicated media keys (but the shortcuts “hidden” under the F-keys are really enough,so this is not really a deal-breaker, especially at this budget. Nice.



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