Corsair HS70 Bluetooth Headset Review

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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

From my perspective, this is a terrific deal, folks. It ticks all boxes from A to Z for me. The wearing comfort is lovely, perhaps slightly on the heavy side, but I don't mind that personally. And sure, the audio quality at defaults is not any different compared to other Corsair headsets in the mainstream to upper audiophile range, but that's a good thing! Audio is a subjective experience; however, that must be stated. You can connect the headset straight towards your audio solution over the 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth, or use USB on PC if you desire a little more EQ. The audio quality conquers anything you throw at this set within this price range, as this is just 99 USD. However, giving you guys an objective qualification on a headset remains such a hard thing to do. What I might like in that audio envelope, you might hate. Some like deep bass, others normalized, and so on. Audiophiles will hate what I say, but if you like a little more Bass and treble, you can do so; you'll have your soundcard EQ at your disposal. 




The HS70 Bluetooth Surround is a headset done right, the pure basics at a good price with proper audio quality and connectivity. However, there is another factor to consider wearing comfort. Despite its big design, it does feel comfy all way around, plain and simple. A little on the heavy side, maybe. The ear padding is a little tougher with that leathery feel than other Corsair headsets, but still very comfortable. The headband is done right, as here that leathery feel and you can adjust the height at both sides, relative to your head. In short, this set offers pretty comfy wearing. One side note, in a previous review, I received a comment from an end-user complaining that the leather feel wrapping on the earcups is prone to 'disassemble itself' over time and usage. This is a common problem with many headsets. I mentioned this in the review already, but perhaps it would be a good idea for corsair to move towards cloth-based wrapping on the earcups. One of the older models had that as well; it felt nice and lasts you a far longer time—just my 2 cents, of course.






It sounds the same, it feels the same, yet this BT version is just so much better than the other HS series headsets. You now can connect ANYTHING, and we love that. The HS70 Bluetooth gives you the freedom to use it as you'd like it. You can pop off the MIC and even walk on the street connected to your smartphone, and it would not look weird. When you get home, you can listen to tunes over your receiver of TV. When playing games on a console, hey, plug it in. When using a PC, again, use Bluetooth, or if preferred, a little EQ tweaked, pop in the USB cable, and you are good to go with good audio quality. The ability to tweak the headset to your liking sound wise is a nice one. Audio purists, however, will stick to the 3.5mm jack, and people that live in their smartphone use Bluetooth; hey, this headset can deal with it all. And that is a  huge plus. The boom-stick MIC the HS70 also offers very decent MIC quality. In the end, this is a properly good headset that comes highly recommended by us.

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