Corsair HS70 Bluetooth Headset Review

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Music makes u lose control

Audio (Music)

The audio performance of the headset is pretty great once you configure the unit properly.

  • Select pure direct
  • or add a new profile and manually configure the equalizer
  • Save as default profile

Now personally, I did use a personalized EQ preset here, the default sounds way too flat for my taste, then again this is what audio purists and audiophiles want. So realistically that's the way it should be set up.Small note, mainstream to high-end, the internals of the Corsair headphones are pretty much all the same and as such sound the same. If you feel this page looks a bit familiar, it's because of that. Once you've balanced out the EQ setting and likely saved it as a default preference then the headset pumps out some strong yet dynamic sounding bass, clear voices, and overall excellent sound reproduction.

For our regular test listening suite: we start up Triggerfinger with a cover from Lykke Li's I Follow Rivers. The drummer in this band uses a bass-drum in which a hobbit could reside, comfortably even. No seriously, hobbits could live in there. It is an acoustic live session. The treble range has razer sharp compared to earlier previous models and there is less hiss, no noise. Even considering this is a Youtube recording with a fairly poor conversion bit-rate. 



This song was a hit a couple of years ago here, and well, it's just nice. The stereo image is apparent and pleasant to listen to. It has a broad musical spectrum fully loaded with detailed sound.

The second song is coming from Prince, when doves cry. However, with a twist, as BLUEF3LIX performs it. A guitar, a voice and that are it.  The headset delivers enough but does not manage to impress. It might be youtube quality here at play though. the stereo sounds great.  


The set outs a pretty nice audible yet dynamic bass, clear voices, and an overall fashionable sounding sound reproduction. Very agreeable.

Yes, Missy Elliot Get Ur Freak On. You know missy has been working on a new album right?  What can I say, whenever I hear this song I cannot sit still. Missy sounds just like we need her to sound with a nice phat beat complementing the rhymes. Ehm, the bass feels a tiny bit flat, again something you can arrange with a bit more boom-boom-pow on the EQ; other than that, nice tunes all around that audio spectrum.

Music makes u lose control ...

For the final song, we need to end with a masterpiece, we travel back to in time and as always, we pay our respects to Adam MCA Yauch. We actually loaded up a FLAC of the Beastie Boys, as the youtube bitrate is a bit of an insult - Beastie Boys - Intergalactic. We again use the aforementioned EQ and Surround settings. Not surprisingly we have tuned the audio levels to our preference, and it sounds great.

That said if you ask me; does the headset sounds fastly different from any Corsair premium headset ... euhm, honestly, no, really.

-- MixMaster cut faster. 

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