Corsair HS70 Bluetooth Headset Review

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Testing out the headset we use a handful of games:

Battlefield V

To cut a long story short, the headset provides a good experience in Battlefield V, when untouched (no EQ)  there is a bit of a lack of a decent mid-range, leaving some elements of the game (where I am used to strong instrumentals, for instance) sounding a little empty. However, with a personallyu altered EQ profile, you'll soon get a smile on your face. That said, the strong bass means that the bits that should 'hit' you hard (e.g. nearby explosions, flying bullets, etc) do so, and so very effectively.


Metro: Exodus

Metro Exodus  is a game that you get yourself immersed in, good atmosphere, decent graphics still, and (why we choose it) a wonderful sound design. Sound-wise it's all good immersing you in the ambient sound envelope of the game, you feel like you are inside the world. The bass feels spot-on, that thumping sound you get in a movie theatre. The dialog in Metro came through fine as did the environment sounds. But in the rear part of the audio environment, you miss out on real environmental placed noises. 


Grand Theft Auto V

Alright, Alright Alright. The funky tunes in GTA5 are really cool and have a full + rich-sounding bass. What sounds even better is driving or walking in the city. There's a lot of environmental sounds in that audio envelope that you can really hear. Detailed environmental audio reproduction is probably the best way of describing it. When you fire up some music, the audio envelope is complete. You will realize that the two 50mm neodymium drivers do make a driver drive berserk in this game.


As part of our protocol we tested the microphone out with a number of applications, Skype and some co-op play, playing back the sound samples with Audacity. The headset has a good and clear microphone, plenty of gain, very good clarity and very low noise and hum, as well as very good noise (echo) cancellation. It does, however, do a VERY does a very solid job as I was suitably impressed. The sound was clear and crisp, much like any of the Corsair headsets from the past year or two.

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