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Core i7 3770K Baseline test

Core i7 3770K Baseline IDLE Temperatures

Today's tested cooler will work absolutely great with any processor from low to high-end (Core i3/Core i5/Core i7 quad-core and even six-core included up-to 130W) at default operating frequencies, of course there's room left for overclocking as well. We have built a new test system policy for cooling benchmarks.  Let's have a look at the results for the system in its default non overclocked state. Below, the IDLE temperatures, when your processor is doing barely anything to nothing. Just sitting and waiting in your system.



None of the coolers obviously have any issue whatsoever in IDLE with the Core i7 3770K not overclocked. But you can already see a pattern though. The H105 immediately positions itself at the top ranks.

Core i7 3770K Baseline LOAD Temperatures


Now let's have a look at the processor's LOAD temperatures (in the non-overclocked state). We measure in a 21 Degrees C ambient room temperature. Ambient temperatures do affect the cooling performance, albeit a little bit.

Guru3D's rule of thumb on CPU load vs cooling temps:

  • Anything at roughly 50 Degrees C or lower we consider enthusiast class cooling.
  • Anything in-between 51 to 60 Degrees C we consider performance cooling
  • Anything in-between 61 to 70 Degrees C we consider mainstream cooling
  • Anything above 71 Degrees C we consider average cooling

The results are very respectable already. Now this is fun. Let's directly deal with sound levels shall we?

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