Corsair H105 review

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Here we have the SP120L fans rated 800-2700 RPM. You get two of these, 12mm x 25mm and PWM based as stated. Overall these are really good fans, not at all noisy whilst creating heaps of airflow if you keep them at relatively low RPM. You could add two more fans and go for push-pull to shave off another degree or two in temperature of course, the radiator has mounts on both sides.



When we flip it around we see the 120mm radiator a little better, definitely a notch thicker, and that means more cooling surface area. It is very easy to mount, most big-tower cases have pre-fitted holes and space for 120/240CM rads and fans, for 140/280mm not so much though. Be sure to check compatibility our before purchasing.


When we flip the CPU cooling block/pump around we see an all copper base, with TIM (thermal grease) already applied for you. Not exactly a mirror / lapped finish though. In the background we see the radiator a little better as well. Fairly easy to mount. 


Wiring opposed to say the H100i, is simple for the H105. Just one connector is leading outwards towards the motherboard to feed the pump. You connect the fans to the fan headers on your mobo and that's it. Just make sure you select a good and 'normal' fan profile in the BIOS.

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