Corsair Gaming STRAFE RGB MX Silent keyboard review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase


Okay, we're going to have a closer look at the product guided with the help of lots of photos. As always packaging and bundle first. Inside we spot that sexy looking keyboard with Cherry MX SILENT keys, 1000Hz polling, full-key rollover though, over USB and 100% anti-ghosting.


Unpacking shows the bundled kit, the keyboard, the soft touch wrist rest and a manual/warranty guide. The STRAFE RGB comes with with extra red replaceable WASD keys, we'll explain later as to why that is. 


Across the keyboard you will notice RGB back-lights which can be dimmed, colored and configured. We'll show you the keyboard powered on over the next few pages of course. And to demonstrate the coolness factor, we'll have a video as well.



The keyboard feels nice and heavy, made out of a plastic base with dark plate on top of it. Even powered down it looks like man, bloke, dude gear ! The black and white side finish looks lovely. You will notice that we received the the model with the new Cherry MX Silent keys. This keyboard comes with extra gaming keys you can swap out and a detachable wrist-rest as well. The Strafe is a heavyweight, and combined with rubber feet will ensure you won't suffer from the keyboard sliding away. This model lacks extra programmable gaming G keys to the left, however all keys can be programmed with a macro individually. The keyboard registers ALL keys pressed at once, as such this is full key rollover.




Media function keys on the keyboard itself are basic yet functional, they are pretty much function keys tied to the numeric function keys on top of the keyboard. There is also a Windows lock mode key, which allows you to disable the Windows key to prevent being dropped back to the desktop by accident in a hefty gaming session. All the keys themselves are exposed, simple cleaning works out well with, say, a can of compressed air. However, being exposed like that has another effect as well; the base will collect dirt more quickly. It's not massively different with normal keyboards, but sure, the base is exposed and a little more susceptible to dirt.

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