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Final Words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

Admittedly, I find all RGB keyboards from Corsair to be a real h00t, they offer incredible fun next to being professional grade keyboards. I mean, it's not like you actually 'need' RGB back-lit keys, but the fun factor simply is immense. With friends and family you will have something to show, and during gaming you know you have the fastest and most responsive key-caps underneath your fingers tips. That said, you do not want to work on an active RGB animated keyboard all the time. So configure your keys at red have the arrow and WASD key back-lit white. Or just all keys one color dimmed a bit. These little intricate things a keyboard like this allows configuration wise make the difference. So yeah this Strafe does kick toosh, whatever your purpose or desire is, as you can configure it at your personal preference.

The big (and right now) exclusive update for this keyboard however is not just the RGB per key back-lighting, the option of the model with the Silent MX switches do rock. I dare to say that they are more silent compared to my dome based keyboard, while offering the familiar tactile and pressure feedback that Cherry offers, it's pretty darn kick-ass alright. Before we dive into the conclusion if you haven't done so, please do check out the video showcasing the animation system of the RGB back-lighting: 

Aesthetics & functional usage

Pretty bling stuff right ? So the inclusion of the extra switchable, somewhat rugged gaming keys is a thing worthy of mentioning, it's not for everybody but when used they definitely bring that priority feel to the important game WASD keys. The LED back-lighting animation system and true silent keys all are the icing on top of the cake as far as I am concerned. For the Strafe, the primary functionality and feel is just great. You really are receiving something well designed and comfortable to play games on, plus you get the added benefit of one of the coolest LED lighting systems a keyboard can ever have. In terms of aesthetics and design, I seem to really dig this RGB Strafe. But here again taste is subjective and realistically I can see some users complaining that the board only has red back-lit keys for this particular model and not white, blue or whatever your color of preference is. But me personally, I adore the design and color schema, I really do.



Don't forget that this keyboard has a nifty set of features and improvements:
  • Every key is mechanical, using (in our review) Cherry MX Silent key-switches – so the keyboard is 100% mechanical. 
  • Per-key adjustable back-lighting, using red LEDs, so that you can customize which keys are lit.
  • Included are contoured red WASD key-caps.
  • 1000Hz polling rate (yet configurable in software)
  • Full key rollover, 100% anti-ghosting.
  • And then extras like USB pass-through.
That's all good stuff alright. But then again, you are paying for it, so you may expect extensive features and specifications.


Final words

ANY mechanical keyboard does take getting used to a little, that's the honest truth. Give yourself a few days with the keyboard to fully understand it and get a feel for it. See, using a mechy definitely is a little different compared to your run of the mill keyboard. The Strafe RGB with Silent MX switches however is an exemplary keyboard that ticks all the right boxes for me personally. This release, next to being a professional grade gaming keyboard, is mostly about two added features really, the silent MX switches (which I can be very short about, they just work great and are exactly that - as silent as dome based keyboards) and then the RGB LEDs of course which can be animated per key. The most important thing about any keyboard remains the actual feel and functionality, it's all good there as well. The Strafe RGB MX Silent is very mature as it shared the DNA of the predecessors in the Corsair keyboard line-up. As such all the entire evolution and good stuff of the previous Corsair keyboards all have been included in this Strafe. It is a truly solid keyboard with a nice base that sits tight and steady on your desktop. I do miss some extra programmable profile keys though - say macro programmable G keys to the left side, but that is my only remark as the Strafe RGB MX Silent is as far as I am concerned pretty darn close to perfection. Oh that and this, I usually nag about (and will do so again) is the Corsair's CUE software suite, it remains to be a complex programmers vision abse software. Good news though, you can however now download more lighting profiles shared by other members and included in the software is a very decent set of lighting animations.

The Strafe RGB MX Silent comes recommended for any hardcore gamer or guru who likes a little more bling on his or her desktop. With low noise levels and a keyboard that offers that tactile feel to aim and shoot, this product is a pure win. In terms of value, it remains a lot of money for a keyboard, but at 149~159 USD / 149 EURO we think the Strafe RGB with MX Silent switches (or alternatively the regular MX switches they make available) is a tremendously good deal. Highly recommended, heck a top pick even.

... Enjoy the silence I say !

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