Corsair Crystal 570X PC Chassis Review

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Product Showcase - The Build

The Build 

It is time to gather some gear and build us a PC. I am not going extraordinary with extensive and custom liquid cooling etc. We'll be building a system that you guys would build at home.


We used a basic mock-up AMD APU motherboard with a cheapo cooler. This build is for a bit of a showcase and trial only. 


You could mount a radiator so extremely well in the front-side, and that would look great. The good thing about this design is that the radiator can be nice and thick (up-to 60 mm) as well bringing you that little extra performance. For the top side I could recommend a 240 mm and maybe 280 mm at maximum. Everything easily fits, the ATX sized motherboard has plenty of clearance.


As you can see keep your PSU size to a max of 20 cm please as you do need to factor the outgoing plugs. Normal ATX size PSUs are roughly 16~17cm overall so you should be good there with some extra space to hide more cables.


At the backside you can see there is plenty of clearance for cable routing. In-between the back-plate tray and the glass panel you have 2 to 3 cm to play with.


There is one problem though, all that cabling needs to go somewhere as it will be visually visible in eye-sight as we are using a glass side panel. See all the flat-cables in the middle of the photo? Now look at the photo below:


See what Corsair did there? The excess cables can be hidden under a black metal strip. Now I am always totally honest in my reviews, it is a NASTY job to try and hide the cables under that strip as spacing is ample and limited. You secure it with two thumbscrews. However it certainly works as now look at the photo below:


See how that cleaned up? All main wiring has been hidden this way. Again a ridiculously irritating job to do, but the end results works out really well. BTW the flat cables on the HX750i PSU certainly helped out here.

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