Corsair Crystal 570X PC Chassis Review

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Product Showcase - Packaging

Product Showcase - Packaging


Alright, we dive straight into the photo-shoot. As always we start off with packaging. Here is the box, clearly denoting the 570X. The simple packaging catches our attention, as you will noticed the chassis is well packaged with minimal risk to damage.


The chassis is protected in Styrofoam and a soft black cloth like bag. There were no noticeable scratches, dents, fingerprints, dust, mud or graffiti spray jobs on it whatsoever.


And once unpacked you can see the chassis a little better. Now before we move it into our white studio (which is horrible for photos with anything that has tempered glass) I wanted to show you some photo's in different surroundings. The chassis has plastic wrapped on all essential segments, including all glass.


And yes really, that's a lot of plastic! Once unwrapped, Tte glass immediately pops out into your eye-sight, and hey both sides, top and front panel all are fitted with it. It looks terrific as you will later find out. A feast for the eyes alright. Simple, stylish and kind of mystifying. 


Fantastic looks. In-Win was the first company to introduce tempered glass with their chassis, so whenever you see tempered glass you'd think In-win. However, the good thing that Corsair did was to make the chassis look distinctly different and they did so in such a manner that the difference in-between the two brands is really significant, which is a good thing obviously. Included in the package are a manual tie-wraps, a little box holding screw's, cable ties and well the usual's. 

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