Corsair Crystal 570X PC Chassis Review

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Final Words & Conclusion

Final Words & Conclusion

My brutal honest opinion on the Crystal 570X for me is simple, it easily is one of the best looking chassis that I have ever seen and tested. Next to that the build quality is just lovely. Now I do need to counter that first statement with the following, taste differs per person -- but this style matches what I like very much. The design is intricate with the tempered glass left, right, front and top side panels. The airflow is absolutely terrific thanks to simple fact that there is extra space to vent air at any corner. The dark inside and cable will complement your components and the LED RGB activated fans are done right as well, it's not tacky or lit up like a Christmas tree no you choose an animation mode (or still) and a color (sequence if you want to) and then your system color schema lines up with the PC.

Despite it's majestic shape, the 570X remains a fairly compact chassis, you can house an ATX motherboard in there but anything larger on form factor would be an issue. You'd expect that airflow would be a conundrum, yet it works out really well by having a huge air outlets at all sides. And all that combined with dark tempered glass at both sides and the top + front side make this chassis a mysterious to look at, it really has terrific looks.

Material Metal ABS
3mm Tempered Glass
Internal Drive Bay 3.5" / 2.5" x 2               
M/B Form Factor ATX / Micro-ATX /Mini-ITX  (Max: 12” x 10.5”)
Power Supply ATX 12V, PSII Size and EPS up to 225 mm
I/O Port USB 3.0 x 2,
HD Audio
Expansion Slot PCI-E Slot x 7
Supports High-End Graphic Card up to 370 mm
Dimension (HxWxD) 480 mm x 234 mm x 512 mm


The Corsair Crystal 570X has pretty much everything you need or require. The airflow is done right, the space (albeit limited to regular ATX motherboards) offers plenty of options, features like the SSD/HDD space, ease of use and USB 3.0 ports are all available as well. Lacking however is an integrated fan controller which is a bit of a miss with three fans. 


The looks then, hey I already spilled the beans in the first paragraph, I really like the 570X with its dark feel and see through finish, you can't argue taste as it is the most subjective thing and does not make the job of reviewer any easier. Some will dislike it, and others will love this chassis for its looks. Each and every little aspect of the chassis has been thought through really well. The design of the chassis has been made to make your life a little easier while combining the best features an enthusiast crowd seeks in a chassis. The tempered glass will make you look inside the beast, normally dangerous but there are many spots and tricks to hide cables. Also great is that everything is black from the dust filters to USB 3.0 integration and rubberized grommet holes. The glass panels obviously give it finished looks.


The internals are pretty decent as well, normal ATX form factor motherboards will fit, the more lengthy graphics card will fit as well. There's also nice space for liquid cooling on the front side and top side (albeit a bit more limited), the drive bay has sufficient space for two HDDs and at the motherboard back-plate two SSDs. The chassis has nice motherboard cutout and there's enough space left for cable routing through the grommet holes, all in that all-black interior. Nice touch is the ability to hide cables behind the cover at the backside.  



The Verdict

I feel the Corsair hit the bull-eye with the Crystal 570X. The looks are pretty good on the photos, but in a real world setup just stunning. It is a chassis that will please many. It is fairly light weight, has an dark body and obviously complete see-trough design with the tempered glass side panels really kick things into 6th gear.  Design wise I have very little to complain other then a missing fan controller or at least fan HUB. Overall the chassis is easy to use and fairly maintenance free with the easy to clean magnet based dust-filters. You have plenty of storage options alongside good cable routing. The backside will be the hardest cable routing wise to cover up, but give it some time and patience and I am confident that even that side can look brilliant. The airflow honestly is plenty enough for any decent build, the air intakes and exhausts are top be found throughout the body and edges. The one (nitpicking) gripe might be that you cannot mount a 360 mm rad at the top, but then again there is space for that at the front-side. In the end, this chassis is very unique, the SP120 RGB LED activated fans however give the product another X-factor. Typically RGB lighting is a little much and spotted on everything these days, but it truly works out well with this chassis versus that tempered glass. We recommend the Corsair Crystal 570X  very much, it is a terrific looking product with proper build quality, good airflow and a nice feature-set. At 179 USD this chassis should be high on your short-list if you like the design. We feel a Top Pick award is well deserved here.


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