Corsair Carbide 678C review

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Final Words & Conclusion

Final Words & Conclusion

Right, it’s time for the conclusion. The Corsair Carbide 678C is a very nice chassis, a premium one. Especially considering that it’s the Carbide series (i.e. not an Obsidian). But is it worth it the dough? It’s well equipped, and you can’t complain about storage capacity. In the standard layout, you can install six 3.5” and three 2.5” drives. Quite surprisingly, you’ll find a 5.25” drive bay in the case as well, not something rather common nowadays. And even with that feature, you can still fit up to a 360 mm radiator in the front (420 mm should fit easily without an ODD). On the plus side, there is the good cable management system in the back, although a bit more space on the right side would be in order for thicker cables.




You can mount up to 170mm air coolers and 370mm graphics cards, so that should be enough for most users. Sound-dampening material was used on the top cover (which actually could fit the opening a bit better), as well as on the front and right panels. Of course, dust filters are included as well – placed in the front, on the bottom, and on top of the chassis. Another good thing is the USB 3.1 type C port on the front (or rather top) panel. Similarly to the recently reviewed Phanteks Eclipse P600s, this case should also let you choose between high-airflow operation with high cooling performance and silent operation. In truth a smaller opening in the roof of the case, the 678C hasn’t been entirely successful in this respect. It’s a good chassis (especially in terms of acoustic performance), and it came close to the mark, just not close enough. As for the drawbacks, we missed a removable top tray for water-cooling solutions. It would have really simplified the installation process. Another thing is the lack of a removable PSU frame. The case is still comfortable to work with, but it could have been better. And last one thing, in this budget it would be nice to have the ML series fans, not the SP.


The Verdict

If you’re looking for a solid and well-equipped case that’s suitable for both silent builds and higher-end builds with liquid cooling, the Corsair Carbide 678C can be a truly appealing alternative to choose from, but it is an expensive candidate. People who still use 5.25” bays will really appreciate this product. Also, the build quality is great. However, there are some super small inconveniences, like the lack of a removable top tray for radiators and a PSU mounting frame. But hey, that is nitpicking. The case would also benefit from some more room for cables on the right side of the motherboard tray and no ML series fans? So let's sum thing up, this overall this is a great chassis, but at this budget, we expect a notch more. The price of $199.99 Exc. Tax/£179.99 Inc VAT/ €199.00 Inc. Tax is rather spicy. However, if you are looking for a chassis with low acoustics and a nice side panel with tempered glass then it might just be what the doctor ordered. The Corsair Carbide 678C receives our “Recommended” award. 

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