Corsair 5000D PC Chassis Review

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Product Showcase - The Build

The Build 

It is time to gather some gear and build us a PC. I am not going to go all extraordinary with extensive and custom liquid cooling etc., we'll be building a typical system that you guys would build at home. Also, I really like mini ITX :)


We use our basic mock-up motherboard with a stock RGB cooler.  Above, you can see how the PSU will be mounted, again with plenty of space for cabling, however for a normal-sized PSU that driver cage needs to be removed, you can, however, insert it again once the PSU has been mounted.


If you are not using HDDs, then all sizes fit really, that also brings in that extra room to tuck away cables.



We'll use a Mini ITX MSI motherboard with a stock AMD cooler. Ehm, well heck yeah it fits :) We also added a LED strip for a bit of eye candy. 


As you can see even if we'd go big, there is plenty of clearance to mount everything. You'll see plenty of grommet holes and that gutter and lots of gaps and space to tuck stuff away. The excess cables can be hidden Really well. See how that cleaned up? All main wiring has been hidden this way offering incredibly clean looks.

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