Corsair 5000D PC Chassis Review

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Product Showcase - Packaging

Product Showcase - Packaging


Let's dive straight into the photo-shoot. As always, we start with the packaging. Here is the box, clearly denoting the 5000D. The simple packaging catches our attention. As you will notice, the chassis is well packaged with minimal risk of damage.


The chassis is protected in Styrofoam and a plastic bag. There were no noticeable scratches, dents, fingerprints, dust, mud, or hip graffiti spray jobs on it whatsoever. Admittedly, I would like to be surprised just one with some graffiti on there:)


And once unpacked, you can see the chassis a little better. Before we move it into our white studio (which is horrible for photos with anything that has tempered glass), I wanted to show you some photos in different surroundings. The chassis has plastic-wrapped on all glass.


A treat for the eyes, alright. You can clearly already see the style Corsair is going for here. Now, if you read the introduction page, you will have noticed a radiator can be mounted next to the motherboard. Ergo, that's where this meshed airflow opening comes into play.  Everything is detachable, the entire front bezel can be pulled out, and then you can reach the dust filter. The top dust filter is taped shut; see below. 


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