Core i7 6700K processor review: Desktop Skylake

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Performance - iGPU - Integrated GPU Gaming

Game performance with the integrated GPU

For CPU and motherboard reviews we have added new additions in IGP performance, 720P and 1080P for the integrated GPU (iGPU) as well as measured on a dedicated graphics card (dGPU), GeForce GTX 780 Ti. This page shows iGPU results, thus the graphics processor that resides in your Intel processor.


We test at medium quality settings since we test integrated graphics, but look at that. Intel is moving forward on their IGPs. Skylake makes use of the Intel 530 series IGPs.




The IGP on the Intel side is getting faster and more competitive with AMD APUs. It's not even close to the new GT3e IGP that's housed inside the 5775C though. Ah well, let's place a dedicated graphics card onto this motherboard, head on over to the next page.

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