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Performance System Memory: DDR4 Dual Channel Memory

Performance System Memory: Memory Read Test

So for memory we had some good stuff to work with, Intel has a couple of certified partners for memory to get some sweet XMP profiles going. We test memory at the default rated max Intel spec at 2133 MHz for DDR4.



What you will notice are pretty far out dual-channel read and write numbers. You are basically hovering in the 31 GB/sec range. Things however will get even more crazy, behold the coolness below:





G.Skill for example sent out a DDR4 memory kit rated at 3200 MHz. That, my friends, is configured by enabling XMP in the BIOS, and that's it. All of a sudden, the numbers change dramatically:




Above - Default clock frequency on CPU / 3200 MHz on DDR4

Hello 44~48K GB/sec range! So if you like to go a little more crazy, purchase some nice compatible faster XMP ready memory and enable that XMP profile in the BIOS. Faster memory is relative though, your overall PC experience will not be much faster, yet memory intensive applications like, say, transcoding or a CPU limited game - that's where you will see little gains. Every bit helps right?

Let's chart it up:



Now, with the regular memory at 2133 MHz versus AIDA memory tests we see good performance hovering at the 30K marker, and with a 3200 MHz kit, you are way over 44K.

Memory Write Test


We did the same with the memory write tests. The Write performance jumps to 32K at 2133 MHz and ~48K at 3200 MHz. G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4 kits gents, enable XMP and you are good to go.


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