Core i7 5960X - 5930K and 5820K processor review

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Performance - dGPU GTX 780 SLI Multi-GPU Gaming with 3DMark

Performance - dGPU GTX 780 SLI and 3DMark

So on this page again we'll have a peek at multi-GPU rendering as well, this time with the GPU stringent 3DMark. Below we have installed two GeForce GTX 780 cards in 2-way SLI mode and will start to see if the platform makes a difference at all. We'll compare the Core i7 4820K, the Core i7 4770K, Core i7 4960X and Core i7 5960X.


Again let me reiterate that we had to use an older Geforce driver so that the results remain objective for all cards (as all cards use the very same driver). We tested both the Performance and Extreme modes. Interesting to see is that 6 and 8 cores matter in the performance mode, look at the 4960X and 5960X go. Once we go 100% GPU stringent and make the GPU a bottleneck in Extreme mode, that advantage quickly disappears though.


Once we fire up 3DMark 2013 the differences in between the Core i7 4820K and Core i7 4770K remain close to nothing, the 6-core 4960X and 8-core 5960X however do show that they are savvy with this synthetic testing title as there is a difference. All remains relative with GPU intensive applications like gaming though.

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