Core i7 5960X - 5930K and 5820K processor review

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Performance - dGPU GTX 780 SLI Multi-GPU Gaming with Bioshock Infinite | Tomb Raider

Performance - dGPU GTX 780 SLI Gaming

So on this page we'll have a peek at Multi-GPU Gaming as well.

Important - to retain results with the earlier measured results we had to use an older GeForce driver, new drivers will give the tested titles more performance! But for the sake of objective comparison, we had to revert to an older driver as all test results need to abide by the very same drivers when possible. Secondly, I was out of time to reproduce results for all processor. So only the 5960X was used in the SLI results.

Overall the X99 / 5960X platform 'will' be notch faster, hey it has the PCI-express 3.0 lanes, it however is not as simple as it seems as the 5960X obviously also has two more CPU cores. Will it all matter? Below we have installed two GeForce GTX 780 cards in 2-way SLI mode and will start to see if the platform makes a difference at all. We'll compare with the Core i7 4820K, the Core i7 4770K and Core i7 4960X.


So in the test above we apply medium quality settings. This will trigger overall performance upwards as we create less GPU utilization, and that will disclose which processor is faster in performance. The Core i7 5960X, despite being clocked 'close' towards the other processors shows a significant gain in performance over the quad-core processors. But what happens when we make the test more GPU stringent?


In Ultra Quality rendering mode, where PCIe bus lane behaviour will become more important yet CPU power is less important, we can see the overall performance results crawl closer to each other. 


We do the same with BioShock. Above, medium quality settings, marginal differences really. This is the reality of gaming anno 2014 with modern age processors. GPUs are far more important for gaming.


With BioShock we now enable rather extreme Ultra Image quality settings and DDOF, the X99 platform with 5960X crawls back to the top. Interesting results showing that BioShock does like more CPU cores, that or it likes the higher memory bandwidth. But let's fire off the 3DMark series.

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