CoolerMaster Hyper TX3 review

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Final Words & Conclusion

The Verdict

Sure, I like the Hyper TX3 very much. Let's face it, the majority of you guys reading this article will probably will never even overclock. So if you still want the benefit of a very silent yet effective cooler with decent performance, then the Hyper TX3 simply has a lot to offer.

The design is of course not enthusiast, but at a sales price of 14.95 EUR ~ 19 USD, this cooler simply kicks ass and offers a lot of value for money. There's very little out there on the market that can beat this price.

The cooler is complete, very complete, and will support pretty much any popular processor, except Core i7. Next to that you get a fairly good noise dampened ventilator and all socket brackets needed to mount the cooler. On the topic of mounting the cooler there's nothing other to mention than it is positive as well. Installation is easy, and the new push pin design for Socket LGA 775 really works out well, so much better compared to the last CM CPU cooler we tested.

guru3d-recommended_150px.jpgSo there you have it, this conclusion does not need to be any longer. The TX3 is a fair and honest product. If are not planning anything uber extreme with your PC yet merely stick at a mild overclock, then the Hyper TX3 comes very much recommended, not only for your typical PC, but the sheer silence makes me recommend the cooler in a HTPC environment as well.

It's hard to beat a heat-pipe based cooler in this price range, and within its range this cooler hauls ass. Nice job Cooler master, well done.

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