CoolerMaster Hyper TX3 review

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Cooler Master Hyper TX3

Product: Hyper TX3
Manufacturer: CoolerMaster
Information: coolermaster
Street price: 14.95 EUR ~ 19 USD

Let's face it, the world of heatpipe coolers is large, big and sure... very saturated. We tested a lot of these coolers recently and aah well, here's one more. Back in march at CeBIT I was talking with a representative of Cooler Master where they showed me a new concept design cooler which I was not yet allowed to talk about. That cooler is being introduced and released today.

Now then, heatpipe coolers are available in all sorts, sizes and designs but the low-budget market really isn't addressed properly is it? As such, Cooler Master designed the Hyper TX3 CPU cooler. Though the cooler will not be high-end performance wise, it can still manage the latest Core 2 Duo and Quad processors really well, and sure, overclocked as well. This new TX3 also supports the upcoming Core i5 processors from Intel based on Socket LGA 1156. Small and immediate side note, Nehalem (Core i7 Socket LGA 1366) is not supported.

In fact, this cooler can handle all Intel Sockets LGA 775/1156 and AMD Sockets 754/939/940/AM2/AM3 based processors. And despite that flexibility, mounting this CPU cooler will be a breeze as well, no need to remove the motherboard. You just apply the right configuration on the retention brackets and secure the cooler, helped by a push-pin design. But we'll show you that of course.

There's more, the cooling block now uses the popular Direct Contact heat-pipe design. It saves costs in copper, yet as OCZ has proved with the original Vendetta cooler, they cool just really really well. Typically this would not be a massively interesting release of course, however... with a sales price of only 14.95 EUR/USD let's face it... the dynamic certainly changes for the better.

So while the cooler itself is a little regular, it's features and performance are quite extensive for the money. Let's head on over to the next page please, where we'll start up the review. But have a peek first.

Cooler Master Hyper TX3

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